Your Life is Your Storyline

The differentiator in landing a job is the ability to articulate a storyline; pure and simple.  The influences that shape us, the skills/knowledge gained through life experiences, the motivators, stumbling points, our skills and passions, are all part of it. Our lifeline creates that story.

I have interviewed thousands of people throughout my career in multiple functional areas and industries. I conduct personality and leadership assessments on them and I coach leaders to find their voice and navigate their path within companies.

Understanding what it is that you bring to the table and how you got there is powerful and very compelling if it is articulated thoughtfully and succinctly.

The notion of EQI is extremely important and I understand why it has become so popular in leadership development. When people understand the personal and professional influences that shape who they are and weave those together in a way that makes sense; they are compelling. Their story incites both logic and emotion.

I believe an interview is a platform to tell a story.  It is something you create for a targeted audience.  The more insightful and honest it is – the more compelling. Unfortunately, it is not easy to do without some help along the way and few people have the guidance or mentors to help them do that.

So, it is important that people look back at the influences in their life, family/childhood, experiences, talents, mentors etc. and start to create a storyline about what shaped them and who they are today because of that.

My background in executive recruiting and work as an executive coach made me a perfect candidate to counsel children of family and friends as they graduated from University and began the arduous challenge of launching their careers.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed spending time with them and was struck by how many already had a story to tell but didn’t know what that was or how to articulate it.

That is exactly what I do with executives/leaders in my coaching practice. I have a customized program that allows people to create that storyline, take a snapshot of who they are today and understand the kinds of roles or cultures they are more likely to succeed/be happy in.

A storyline is essential, regardless of what you are doing, or what stage of life.

When people articulate a storyline with authenticity they have impact, they incite both logic and emotion and increase their probability of success.

So, what’s Your Story?

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