Cornerstone Consultant Publishes New Book on Risk

Cornerstone International Group consultant Clive Steeper
Clive Steeper at work analyzing risk in real  time

LIVERPOOL, Eng. March 18, 2015 — Human attitudes towards risk are terrifyingly irrational, says Clive Steeper, an executive with Cornerstone International Group, in a recently released book.

“We hugely over-estimate short-term risks such as standing near a cliff edge, or selling to someone who may not be credit worthy,” says Steeper. “But we under-estimate long-term risks such as smoking, or acquiring a large company.”

Steeper’s book is titled “Risk: All That Matters” and co-authored with Sue Stockdale. Both have first-hand experience of their subject: Stockdale is the first British woman to ski to the magnetic North Pole and Steeper is a racing driver and former motorsport team manager as well as a business executive.

Both writers have lectured extensively on the subject and this is their 4th book together. It forms part of the All That Matters series explaining all that matters about a particular topic.  Topics previously covered in the series by other authors include Water, Love, Space Exploration, Sustainability, and Terrorism, among others.

A veteran of 30 years’ experience as a business leader, Steeper is an executive coach, facilitator and recruiter. He teamed up in 2014 with Cornerstone Liverpool, one of 60-plus worldwide offices of the Cornerstone International Group, a retained executive search and leadership development organization.

He is the co-author of several popular business books including: Cope with Change at Work, The Personality Handbook, and Motivating People. The latest, “Risk: All that Matters,” explores risk from a human perspective.

It looks at why we decide the things that we do, and how can we do it differently or better.

“Our interpretation dictates our response”, says Steeper. “For example, some view skydiving as a fun pursuit; for others, it is a risk too far.”


Cornerstone International Group is positioned as a trusted advisor to many of the world’s most respected organizations. It is a leading Executive Search firm, with more than 300 consultants in offices spanning Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Clients range from the largest corporations to local companies and core services include Executive Search, CEO Advisory, and Leadership Assessment and Coaching Services.

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