Cornerstone Consultant Co-Authors Book for New Leaders

LONDON, EngFirst-Time Leader - cover. May 9, 2014 — After years of putting leaders behind new desks, what happens when the recruiter becomes the newest leader? For Gillian Davis, it led to her first book.

An executive search professional and leadership coach with Cornerstone International Group, Gillian found herself on the other side of the desk when she set up her own consulting and coaching business.

“I found myself saying, now what?” she says. “I asked around and soon realized I was one of many who were in a position of Leadership without a strategy.”

The former manager of Cornerstone’s office in Montreal knew best-selling author George Bradt and the pair have teamed up to produce “First-Time Leader – Foundational Tools for Enabling and Inspiring Your New Team”

It provides the basic framework needed by any new team leader who arrives with limited leadership preparation. The core framework is called BRAVE, an acronym for Behaviors, Relationships, Attitudes, Values and Environment.

Cornerstone’s Gillian Davis

“A big mistake is assuming you need charisma to be an effective leader,” says Gillian. “It might help, but the long-term path to good leadership is a framework to rally your team around. A framework can be learned; charisma cannot.”

First-Time Leader has met with an enthusiastic reception.

“Where was this book as I cruised up the corporate ladder at P&G, PepsiCo and Paramount?” asks reviewer Rick Tocquigny, voting it in his Top 10 Must Read.

“First-Time Leader is the quintessential book for new leaders – written with clarity, conviction and common sense, foundational to helping new leaders and their teams deliver better results faster.”

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