When Should You Call An Executive Recruiter

Is your HR department up to today’s recruiting challenges? When and why should you consider engaging an executive Recruiter?

As competition for executive talent remains intense and the skill gap seemingly widens, more and more companies are finding it more effective to bring in executive recruiters to search for and attract the best individuals in the market place to join their team.

Any time there is a high-impact executive need, seeking dedicated, qualified third-party assistance makes sense.


A mistake in hiring at a senior level is expensive, disruptive and can stymie growth or cause major strategic setbacks. What’s more, few companies have the bandwidth within their HR department to deal with an activity as intense and demanding as a thoroughly conducted executive search.

Cornerstone Kansas City is one of over 40 members of Cornerstone International Group worldwide. We spend all day, every day, conducting executive searches for our client companies and are adept at mapping talent and sourcing candidates from a wide variety of well-established networks.

In other words, we find and recruit from a broad pool of qualified candidates and don’t just search within our database or wait for the right person to answer an ad or send in a resume.

The focus of any executive search engagement should be much more than just pushing paper. If you want to find and hire the ‘best-in-market’ candidates – not just those ‘on-the-market’ – then it makes sense to work with professionals actively engaging the entire marketplace every single day.


Dan Heiman

Chair, USA East Region

Cornerstone International Group

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