Global Executive Search Network Ramps Up in Australia

Cornerstone Search Australia sees two veteran Australian recruiters join forces with Cornerstone International Group

Sydney, Australia, Dec 11, 2013 – Two top executive recruiting firms in Australia have joined forces under the global banner of Cornerstone International Group.

Executive search specialists David Parker in Sydney and Allan Rae in Melbourne have merged their businesses to form Cornerstone Search Australia, with an office in both cities.  Each has been operating independently but on a cooperative basis since the early 1990s.

Allan Rae (250)
Allan Rae
David Parker

“We’ve known each other for many years and worked together a lot,” says Parker.  “We felt that Cornerstone International Group represented a great opportunity for us to take that final step and take our business to the next level.”

Cornerstone International Group is one of the world leaders in the retained executive search niche. Members are independent owners who share business and best practices through more than 70 locations, including New Zealand and several members in the south Asia Pacific region.

Melbourne and Sydney are Australia’s two largest cities – Sydney slightly larger but Melbourne growing slightly faster.   Cornerstone Search Australia, with a presence in both of these major centres, gives the global network a powerful presence in a rapidly growing economic region.

“Some 70% of our trade is focussed on the Asia Pacific Region & APEC economies due primarily to demand for our natural resources,” says Rae. “China, Japan, Republic of Korea and the USA are our top four trading partners”

Major clients in Sydney include Rio Tinto, University of New South Wales and Mitsubishi Australia.  In Melbourne, leading accounts are Jacobs Engineering Australia, Kimberley-Clark Australia and Black & Veatch Australia.

More details on Cornerstone Search Australia can be found here for Sydney  and here for Melbourne.

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