The Cornerstone Assessment is a sophisticated, industry-leading retained executive search service that addresses a vital question: is the best person doing the job?

Talent profiling and assessment is often associated with senior level recruitment. The Cornerstone Assessment Services suite – custom designed by our partners Human Capital International – is an extremely powerful package that takes executive search to a new level of confidence.

It has many applications to help clients manage their human talent.  Just one tool, the Cornerstone Human Profile Evaluation:

  • provides insight as a decision support tool in the selection process; it eliminates “square peg, round hole” outcomes;
  • assists supervisors in understanding employees and communicating more effectively with them;
  • enables coaches to understand the person they are coaching, and to help the person understand themselves better;
  • provides a sense of direction in career-planning;
  • assists team-building by enabling team leaders to create a better balanced team;
  • helps identify high-potential employees: those who have the brainpower to perform at a high level as well as the emotional maturity to build strong relationships.

The Profile Evaluation and 360 Assessment are two of the assessment techniques detailed in these pages.