Coaching for Leaders – Cornerstone Executive Coaches

It must be pertinent and personalized

Our highly personalized, one-on-one Executive Coaching programs for leaders focuses on increasing awareness, refining leadership skills and achieving identified goals.

Multinational Executive Coaching initiatives are monitored and evaluated by Cornerstone Executive Coaching Services, including review by ICF-credentialed Peer Coaches, to maintain quality and consistency. Coaching sessions are typically conducted bi-weekly by phone or Skype, or face-to-face when possible.

A normal coaching engagement would continue for six months to one year and would typically include:

  1. Assessment of the executive’s leadership style and personality profile
  2. 360 Feedback
  3. Executive Coaching Development Plan
  4. Smart Goal Monthly Planner
  5. Target Goals Results Review

One of our executive coaches, the new hire and the corporate sponsor typically meet monthly to review progress.