It was a great pleasure to get to know you.  I enjoyed our conversation this morning, in which we exchanged our views on career and family responsibilities.  I appreciate and like our down to earth and sincere conversation. Look forward to talking to you again soon best regards.  

Board Member of a Fortune 500 company

Cornerstone assigned a seasoned coach as my Executive career transition service offered by my former employer. I’m an Australian expatriate who was seeking to pivot my career and deepen my experience in Greater China.

The coach is an exceptionally experienced and thoughtful coach who constructively challenged my thinking and approach, helped me navigate and adapt to the cultural landscape and provided invaluable support throughout the 12-month engagement. The coach invested time in getting to know me and built trust through a genuine interest in my personal journey, drivers and ambitions. The coach is thoughtful and methodical, as demonstrated throughout the entire transition process; helped me achieve a balance of progress and reflection in every step and as a result, I feel I’ve grown tremendously in terms of my own leadership and mindset.

It was a crucial support in my successful transition into a senior role within the technology consulting and services industry in Greater China. I wholeheartedly recommend Cornerstone for human capital and executive consulting services.

VP of a very large financial service group

I must say that it is really a happy journey during my last job change, I received lots of professional advices and help from you. Furthermore, you provided many valuable suggestions and learning materials to help me quickly settle in the new company. I really appreciate what you did for me. , you are the right partner for the people who has a big ambition in the career development. Thank you again!

GM Commercial China. A Very Large India Company

My career coach is a great consultant. At the bottom of my career in past months, with his continuous professional and helpful advices, I got through the lows, and started my new career now. It is always very pleasure to work with, coach.

Senior System Architect, A Global ERP Company

Cornerstone Outplacement Project Summary: ​

Survey of 1000+ candidates we supported ​

Over 80% employee who have their support consultant found a new job within 3 months​

What people said…

“Professional consultant and great contents of program.”​

“They have a system to make me know myself better.”​

“Age is not everything, but it is something.”​

“Always keep an eye on new technique trend. Always be prepared and don’t rush, patience is very important.”​

“Nice, professional guidance​”

“Professional consulting service​”

“Webinar is very helpful for further job search progress”​

“Professional consultant​”