With a passion for adding value continually, Cornerstone’s Outplacement Division is dedicated to providing service beyond the traditional outplacement process.   Our “value added” motive inspired us to blend more up-to-date advice (we know what no longer is working in the current job market) with hand-picked consultants and the most accurate tools and methods for participants to find new jobs/careers more quickly.

The quality of service one receives depends directly upon the consultant(s) selected to actually conduct each assignment.   Cornerstone significantly increases the value received by adding quality assurance in the selection and monitoring of the particular consultant(s).

Following are a few examples of ways we have brought better service and added value to the outplacement process:

  • Lower Overhead Resulting in Lower Costs to Our Customers.
  • Significantly Lower Ratio of Participants to Consultants, i.e., More Value.
  • Use of Executive Suites Much Closer to Participants’ Homes.
  • Commitment to Participants Beyond Finding New Employment.
  • Available Resources Not Diluted by National Accounts.
  • Blend of Consultants & Recruiters (Higher Sense of Urgency).
  • Real-Time Feedback on Current Market “Hot Buttons.”
  • No “Double Dipping” Barriers: Candidates FREE to New Employers.
  • User-Friendly Workbooks and Hand-Out Materials.
  • Workshop Instructors and Career Center Managers Hand Picked.
  • Spouse Support (Morale and New Employment Assistance).
  • Assisting “Survivors” Who Inherit the Work of Outplaced Employees.