Not All Networks Are the Same

Cornerstone International Group was created in 1989 to fill a perceived gap in executive recruiting practices between the resources of large-scale consulting organizations and the often more personal services of a small boutique firm.

The answer, it seemed, would be to build a consortium that would join smaller, highly effective firms in a global network that would provide geographic scope and a unique level of services built on individual expertise and shared knowledge.

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Many clients today consider this concept the best of both worlds. The structure is not unique and many other networks/consortia have fallen by the wayside due to weak selection of member firms. Cornerstone International Group, on the other hand, has quietly grown to become one of the largest executive search and leadership consulting networks.

Simon Wan, left, Chairman of Cornerstone International Group, chats with Giuseppe Campellone, Managing Partner of Cornerstone International in Italy

In both 2016 and 2017 Cornerstone International Group has been ranked by Forbes as one of the Best Management Consulting Firms in Executive Search.

Cornerstone’s member firm selection criteria is among the most rigorous and client-validated of any network. We attract and accept only the very best which translates to better quality and better service for our clients.

This is seen in our service philosophy.   Frequently, when a client firm retains a larger competitor, a senior consultant will be involved at key stages but the actual work is delegated to a “junior”.  At Cornerstone, the client is dealing directly with a Principal of the firm.   We are committed to the responsiveness of each boutique office—experts in the local geographic market and/or experts in the industry or functional specialization desired by the client.

In 2017, we have taken this one stage further and consolidated the knowledge and skills of 60+ members in 35 countries in a series of 13, easy-to-access specializations, or Practice Groups.  Seven of these Practice Groups aggregate high-level services in Industrial niches, and six by Function, or role, of the executive concerned.  Read more about these specialized gateways here.

Thirty years later, our goal is still to be the best we can be.  It is a goal that continues to build Cornerstone International Group across the world and delivers the best value and the highest level of service to our clients.

Executive search consultants from Cornerstone International Group in Vancouver
2019 Cornerstone Global Conference in Vancouver