Meeting the 40% Challenge

The drop-off rate among newly hired executives is staggeringly high. Research indicates that 40% of new senior executives fail within the initial 18 months.

Onboarding Coaching directly addresses this challenge.  Our colleague George Bradt, Chairman of PrimeGenesis, pioneered the process of onboarding, a specific transition program that jump starts strategic operational processes and reduces the failure rate to below 5%.

Our onboarding model is derived from George’s work. It is designed to facilitate the long-term success of a recently placed candidate in a new position and new work environment. The Onboarding Coaching program begins when the candidate starts work (and sometimes before) and continues for a minimum of three months.

With the support and the direction of the corporate sponsors, the Cornerstone Executive Coach and the newly hired executive work together to prepare the executive for the responsibilities and demands of the new position. Emphasis is placed on quickly and effectively becoming a solid and productive contributor in the new work environment.

Sessions focus on leadership presence, clarifying a leadership vision and styles, managing people, attaining a global view, dealing with poor performance and critical conversations, managing accountability, building trust with executive teams, professional relationships, and more.

Onboarding Coaching sessions typically are conducted weekly or bi-weekly by phone or Skype, and face-to-face when possible. Sessions are approximately 45 minutes to one hour accompanied by full email support.

A typical Onboarding Coaching package includes:

  • Assessment of the executive’s leadership style and personality profile
  • New Hire Information Form
  • New Hire Onboarding Plan
  • Smart Goal Monthly Planner
  • Corporate Sponsors meetings

For more information on our Executive Coaching Services, please contact our Practice Leader Laurie O’Donnell at laurie-odonnell@cornerstone-group.com.

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