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    Cornerstone Stockholm is one of four JP Cornerstone offices in the major Nordic Capitals. Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm serve executive search needs in the Nordic Countries with network connections worldwide.

    We dare to say that our combined experience from qualified Executive Search assignments is matched by few. We have completed assignments placing several hundreds of managers and executives in a wide range of locally and internationally operating companies.

    During JP Cornerstone Nordic’s 12 years, we have worked with most industries. Business sectors of activity include professional & business services, IT & telecom, communication & media, banking, finance & insurance, manufacturing & transportation. Our clients include large corporations as well as small, but fast growing companies.

    Our partners have held senior management positions in a wide range of companies prior to their careers at JP Cornerstone. We know what to look for when assisting our clients to find the right people for their top positions - because we have been there ourselves

    Notwithstanding their differences in size and businesses, our clients have one thing in common: the challenge of managing the radical and frequent changes demanded by an increasingly competitive business environment. Given our in-depth operational experience and the learning from successful Executive Searches, we thrive on finding the best people to lead an organization not only of today, but also of tomorrow.

    Client partners
    Our passion for excellence in all that we do has secured us long-standing partnerships with our clients.

    Over 80% of our business comes from such partnerships, as well as from referrals and from candidates who have been through our recruitment process and who have formed a positive view of JP Cornerstone and our people.
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