Finding a new manager, or replacing an old one, can be a brake on operations. But in in the case of interim executive search, it can actually accelerate progress.

Interim Managers are experienced professionals who prefer to work on their own (through their own companies). They enjoy the variety of assignments, the changing challenges and usually an above average compensation.

They represent significant advantages to the hiring company.

As a defensive response, if a key manager suddenly is no longer available, finding an Interim Manager minimizes the disruptive impact and buys you time while you undertake a replacement process.  The IM is usually overqualified for the job, representing a benefit to you.  Here are some others:

  • Can start at short notice.
  • Adds value from day one.
  • Is self-motivated and results focused.
  • Offers a temporary, lower-total-cost solution.
  • Is dedicated to the task at hand.

Offensive reasons for such a hiring are equally attractive.  Interims are highly experienced, senior-level executives who can handle a specific role or deliver a business objective, such as change management, project management, gap management or business turnaround.

In addition, they can

  • represent a low risk strategy to investigate a market place (i.e. contracting a Sales Director to prime the market space),
  • handle short term due diligence, integration work, or turnaround projects in merger and acquisition scenarios, and
  • create a start-up Executive Management team for the venture before handing off to another team for the longer term

For multinational organizations, Cornerstone’s Interim Management recruitment service has significant advantages in simplifying employment practices in various regions of the world.

“Europe is a good example,“ says Ian Day, whose firm, Cornerstone London, has 20 years of experience providing executive interim managers. “Employment law here is highly localised and often by comparison to other regions, very restrictive.

“The Interim model offers the client organisation access to a skilled and experienced work force that avoids the legal commitments and risks entailed through permanent employment contracts.”

Finding the right asset for the opportunity is still a fundamental challenge.  Cornerstone offices offering interim recruitment in different regions of the world all have exceptional experience in executive recruiting and identify a specialized service in finding the right interim manager for the need.

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