Executive Evaluation used in 20 Countries

Our core Cornerstone Assessment Service was developed by our partner, Human Capital International of Mexico, a global firm which has been serving clients worldwide for 15 years.

We believe the firm’s revolutionary methodology is the most advanced program of psychometric assessment tools and processes in the industry.   It is available through trained, independent professionals of both HCI and Cornerstone located in 20 countries of Latin America, Europe, Asia and in the United State.

The most popular programs are the Human (formerly the Executive Profile Evaluation) and the 360 Assessment.

The Human

The Human Assessment has five components, the first three of which – Style, Values and Thinking Process — reflect a person’s preferences.  The last two – Rational Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence – reflect what a person can do.

A single assessment takes 30-40 minutes.  Results are immediate to the trained facilitator who can quickly provide feedback.

The Cornerstone 360 assessment

The Cornerstone 360 assessment considers 10 job-related skills essential for managerial success.  It can also be customized to consider specific skills important to the organization.

It provides feedback based upon input from associates who “surround” the individual – the “boss,” peers, subordinates and others who have experience with the individual in his/her leadership role.

A 360 Assessment is conducted by having an individual rate his- or herself on important skills for the role, having the other participants evaluate the individual on these same skills, and analyzing the responses.

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