Top Career Matching Tool

Cornerstone International Group’s second assessment service focuses on career selection and matching.  It is extensively used by members in China and Vancouver and available across the network.

The Harrison Assessment is self-administered and was developed by Dr. Daniel Harrison, whose 30 years of experience in Psychology and Assessment has enabled the assessment tools to fulfill practical needs for recruitment, development and assessment.

Dr. Harrison believed in the importance of including interests and personal passions into career and employment decisions (Suitability: behavior and job suitability) rather than focusing only on abilities (Eligibility: experience, education, and skills) and Interview.

The program has been translated into 17 languages and is widely used by universities, Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies.

The evaluation is computer-based and takes about 30-40minutes.

The respondent is presented with a series of 8 statements and asked to rank order the statements in order of their preferences. This process continues for 18 groups of questions enabling the measurement of 175 different traits.

The 175 traits considered in the analysis included a full range of suitability factors related to personality, attitudes, motivations, interpersonal skills, task preferences, interests, and work environment preferences.  The assessment is a valuable resource that has a variety of organizational applications including selection, development, succession and career planning, and team building.

For more information on the Harrison assessment solutions, contact our practice leader Laurie O’Donnell.

Laurie O'Donnell

Cornerstone Vancouver