Fit Counts

Fit counts in hiring. In fact, it may ultimately count most. The failure rate for new executive hires is daunting. Research recently put it at 40% in the first 18 months.  The main reason is fit.

There was a time when the employer took a gamble on fit.  No more.  New executive recruiting solutions use sophisticated assessment tools to analyze the cultural and behavioural leanings of the candidate and take a lot of the guesswork out.

At Cornerstone, we go one step further.  We not only analyze the characteristics of the candidate, we do so against an equally detailed profile, assembled with the hiring manager of the slot the new hire must fill.  These are normally “below the radar” type of influences which end up very much on the radar screen if it doesn’t work out.

Our assessment tools are extensive and include unique processes designed by our partners, Human Capital International of Mexico City.  They are leaders in this field and we believe our assessments are the most sophisticated in the industry.

Speed Counts

Speed counts in hiring.  Jobs may be hard to find in some sectors, but in executive recruiting, the good people tend to be mobile and they don’t like being out of the game for long.

There are also fewer of them; generally speaking, good leaders and potential leaders are getting harder to find.

Then there is the matter of cost to you of that empty office. So speed counts.

But not just speed. Sprinting through resumes is not the answer.  You need to know where the quality candidates are, who might be the best fit, and who might be ready to come over.  Now.

We network, find qualified candidates for each other, share a drive for client satisfaction in our brand.  Most offices maintain databanks of pre-screened candidates.

Our executive search process is built on shared best practices and is fast, efficient and thorough.

Communication Counts

We make communication the starting point of the entire search process. If we don’t clearly understand what you want, the exercise is pointless.

That’s why we spend more time with you in the beginning than most – making certain we’re both aligned as to what is important in candidates.

We then take that understanding and apply it with our experience and expertise to identify potential candidates.

We also place a lot of importance on communication in our executive candidate assessment. Leaders who struggle to communicate usually don’t lead for long.

Members of Cornerstone International Group are in 70 locations around the world. We share best practices and the latest technology. Think of Cornerstone International Group for your executive recruiting, assessment and coaching.

And remember: fit, speed, and communication. They all count.