Coaching Maximizes Top Talent Potential

Research indicates that 40% of new senior executive hires fail within 18 months. And it is not just time that has been wasted or a career damaged. It is estimated that a failed $500k executive can cost his or her company $5 million in combined hard and soft costs.

Cornerstone International Group addresses this critical issue head-on. Cornerstone Plus is a support program designed to heighten the likelihood of success and accelerate your return on a significant investment. It combines elements of Cornerstone’s noted Executive Coaching program, specifically selected to help a new leader to assimilate.

The full, stand-alone Executive Coaching program from Cornerstone offers a comprehensive program of career and executive skills enhancement. Our coaches are certified to international standards and deliver targeted results in executive development, leadership training and front-line employee development.

The same coaches and same methodology are behind the Cornerstone Plus get-up-to-speed plan.

Why Coach Your Top Executives

Every top athlete has a skilled and motivated coach. It’s the same in business leadership. More and more global companies are realizing the value of investing in their executives with coaching to bring out the very best of their inter-personal and professional talents and skills.

Over the last few years, employee coaching has grown rapidly worldwide because it works for both the executive and for the company. An impact study by the biotech leader Genentech estimated a return of $1.5 to $2 for each dollar spent in coaching 400 employees.

In the case of a newly recruited manager or executive, the Cornerstone Plus tailored coaching program will not only teach advanced leadership attitudes and techniques, but will also communicate knowledge of the company, its core values and beliefs.

The Cornerstone Advantage

Both Cornerstone Plus and the full coaching program are high quality programs from a global leader in the executive recruitment and management arena.

“Even skilled leaders are finding that they can benefit greatly from having an experienced Executive Coach in their corner,” says Eileen Hannegan, Director of Cornerstone’s Executive Coaching Division.

“Having the support of an Executive Coach can make all the difference in how effective an executive is in leading and developing staff, increasing the organization’s performance, reaching strategic goals and expanding the vision for future growth of the company.”

Our coaches are not only qualified and certified to the highest standards, they combine this with strong corporate and consulting experience. All coaches have extensive experience as consultants or corporate leaders before they undertake the coaching training and certification. This enables them to relate on a more personal and professional level to the challenges facing the executive.

Our Coaching Process

Cornerstone Plus coaching can be delivered face-to-face or remotely by phone or Skype. Coaching mandates are typically for one year, six months or three months and scheduled in bi-weekly sessions. Sessions are one-on-one and characterised by honest feedback and constructive solutions.

Our integrated coaching model is based on the global coaching standards set by the International Coaching Federation, the largest and most respected coach certification organization. These are the standards for coaching that are also approved by the European Union.

More information

Executive coaching services are available through the Cornerstone Executive Coaching Division. For more details, please contact:

Eileen Hannegan, MS, MCC,
Director Cornerstone Executive Coaching Division


Simon Wan
Cornerstone International Group