Tina’s professional journey includes a significant two-year stint at a prominent headhunting company. During this time, she took on diverse roles spanning technical research and development, management, sales, and operations, showcasing her versatility and adaptability. 

Tina, with her independent headhunting thinking and a complete SOP process, is a skilled job searcher and deliverer. Her track record includes the successful delivery of several senior-level positions, demonstrating her competence and effectiveness. 

Tina is deeply involved in the high-tech industry and is familiar with the domestic intelligent driving track and robot direction. Tina joined Cornerstone in 2024 as an Associate Consultant, immersing herself in its dynamic world and progressing herself as a distinguished headhunter in Shenzhen.

Some successful cases

Headquarters of a listed car company – algorithm expert Headquarters of a listed company – wireless satellite expert Headquarters of a tier one enterprise – autonomous driving test and development positions. E-commerce company – marketing director positions and overseas sales director roles.