Mike is a seasoned HR Professional focussed on business results achieved through people in a range of businesses from a Privately Owned and Managed Business, to an M.B.O., a Multi Site Manufacturing Operation, and a US owned Multi National Business. With experience in the UK, Europe, Middle East and India providing support and being responsible for all H.R. services and support.

In addition to being a HR Generalist operating at a senior level, Mike has also recruited for many years, at all levels and in particular at senior manager and board level.

His broad ranging experience includes the following strategic competences:


H.R. Strategy & Policy Development.

Experienced in developing, facilitating and implementing integrated H.R. Strategies, targeted at developing a culture change and profesonalising, the management of the business. This has included the integration of a privately owned business into an American Multinational Organisation.

Compensation & Benefits

I have developed Pay Policy Proposals covering pay structures, levels of compensation and benefits packages, for the approval of the Board in both of the last two appointments. In the appointment previous to these I was responsible for the development and delivery of the appropriate negotiation strategy and detail development of the application of overall company pay policy. In all three scenarios I was responsible for the implementation of the pay policy and in the previous two situations I was the lead negotiator with the Trade Unions (the last position being non-unionised). I also established with the Trade Unions the basis upon which the terms and conditions for the employees of the M.B.O. would be determined. This involved discussion with National Trade Union Officials.

Training & Employee Development

I have been responsible for the Development and Implementation of Training and Development Policies. This has also involved the identification of appropriate training / development mediums some of which I have developed and delivered myself. I am also a licensed Covey trainer and able to deliver the Covey 7 Habits and Leadership programmes.

Employee Relations

My roots in H.R. originate in this area of specialism. I have vast experience in advising and assisting in the resolution of both individual and general employee problems. Based on the development of constructive working relationships with Line Management and Trade Union Officials at all levels on subjects involving every aspect of H.R. from pay to pensions to Health and Safety. I have a good in depth practical working knowledge of all aspects of Employment Law, and I have developed and implemented Grievance Procedures, Disciplinary Procedures, Communications Processes, Employee Handbooks/ Rule Books, Standard Terms and Conditions and Standard Contracts of Employment. I have also designed and implemented consultative procedures and cost effective employee benefits, facilities and services.


My responsibilities have embraced all aspects of resourcing from Production Operators to Graduates to Senior Managers / Directors mainly UK based but also in Europe, Middle East and India. I am a qualified Psychologist (MSc and Bsc Psychology) and a Occupational Tester (Level A and B Certificate), Occupational Personality Questionnaire Administrator and Interpreter, and Assessment Centre Chairman.

Redundancy & Outplacement

I have developed and implemented the strategy for the closure of satellite sites and downsizing of businesses. Involving one to one counselling of individuals concerned providing help and support in finding alternative employment and planning for the future, this also included providing guidance and assistance to line managers on both the overall process and individual issues. This involved the determination of the consultation process delivering the communication relating to the exercise, establishing the selection criteria, developing links with the local employment agencies, networking with local employers and other institutions.

Organisation Development & Change Management

I have had significant involvement in the development of organisation structures and their implementation as an integral part of Change Management Initiatives. This has been based on the “ Value Chain Process “ to optimise the structures required, the reduction in the number of levels in the structure and the implementation of “ Self Directed Work Teams “ and “ Lean Enterprise “ and Team working. I also participated in a Benchmarking exercise carried out in conjunction with Cardiff University, and was a lead player in a benchmarking visit to Detroit with a mixed group of Management and Trade Union Representatives as part of a change management initiative.