Christine Waldmann is a seasoned management consultant with a diverse academic background. She holds an M.Sc in Economics from Copenhagen Business School and has also pursued additional studies in Psychology at the University of Copenhagen. This unique combination of disciplines has equipped her with a deep understanding of human behavior in the workplace, which she leverages in her management consulting work. She has further honed her skills through extensive executive training at the renowned INSEAD MBA School in Paris. Certified in various assessment tools, Christine brings a wealth of experience from working in dynamic international environments.

Christine’s specialization in Change Management, Leadership, and Talent Development is not just theoretical. As an internal leader and an external consultant, she has held executive and HR director roles in leading multinational corporations. Her strategic, business-focused approach during her tenure as HR Director, where she aligned human resources initiatives with organizational objectives, provides reassurance of her ability to align HR with business goals. Christine’s expertise is not just about numbers and strategies. It is about people and their realities. Grounded in a profound understanding of businesses and their objectives, she offers invaluable insights into the daily challenges leaders and their teams face. Her approach, characterized by a blend of strategic insight and a deep empathy for the realities of organizational life, not only facilitates meaningful change and growth but also makes the audience feel understood and valued.