I am an Executive Coach and Master Facilitator.  My clients are c-level executives and business owners who are keen to explore their potential, to minimize the interference and to display their best performance not only in their career but also in their personal life. They are outstanding, actively thinking, willing to change, and very much action-oriented, which makes each coaching experience very encouraging for both of us.

Results Achieved

I coached an executive who was struggling with the balance of work and life.  Both were at a critical stage, she felt very stressful and lost thinking about the choice between one and the other. As the the coaching progressed, she realized the issue centered around arrangements; she actually has much more resource than she thought and she does not need to shoulder everything on her own, not only at home but also in work.

She started to see the tasks as “ours” instead of always “mine” and realized she could contribute more to the company if she could develop people to duplicate her success.  As a result, her leadership has been upgraded to a higher level, she is looking at long term for herself, the business and the people following her, and she is much more resourceful and confident.

Some clients have started a coaching program with me for six sessions and afterwards continued the coaching year by year.  As an executive or business owner, challenges are a part of their life and they recognize that coaching is a very effective support.  Typically they came to a coaching session with a heavy and clouded mind, feeling stuck and stressed either because of a complicated situation, business case or a crumbling relationship.   During the coaching, they developed self-awareness and were able to view “the problem” from different perspectives.  They saw more possibilities, they got “Aha” moments, taking away an action plan to work with.

It is very rewarding seeing the transformation that coaching brings to a person’s life.

I co-facilitated a two-day management team coaching for a world leading protection system provider. The participants (26 people), included the GM and business managers, and on the first day, with a model we introduced for their self-assessment, a very open and deep communication was conducted and they understood their situation as a team.

Connections were rebuilt between sales and finance, which was a conflict before the coaching, and misunderstanding was eliminated when the GM talked about his vision and concerns.  He also got to know his managers’ needs and we experienced the team atmosphere moving from cold to warm.

On second day we focused on their goals and they developed action plans.  In the end, every team member announced his or her plan in front of all the team members who lent their support, ending with tears of joy.

Professional History

Before working as a professional coach, I had held the position of General Manager of UnforsRaySafe China (headquartered in Sweden) for eight years. The subsidiary, which was set up by me, provided measuring solutions for diagnostic X-ray to a client group of medical equipment manufacturers such as GE, Philips, Siemens, Toshiba, government authorities, hospitals and universities.  I was also a committee member of China Service Center project.

My 20+ years of MNC experience covering management, sales, logistic & quality, and engineering in such different industries as automotive, logistic, mobile handset and medical testing set up a solid foundation for my coaching journey.


I am a member of the International Coaching Federation and an ICF certified ACC and have received training from different coaching schools for individual and team/group coaching:

  • ACN: Coach Certification Program – Certified NLP COACH
  • TCI (Team Coaching Institute): Team Coaching Intensive
  • E.M.I NLP (for Entrepreneurti D NueroSemantics): Group and Team Coaching
  • South Central Institute of NLP: NLP Intensive Training Program
  • ICF certified CCEU by GC Group: Coaching Skills and Tools
  • ICF certified CCEU by GC Group: Conflict Resolution and Coaching
  • International Solution Focused Coaching Academy: -The Science and Practice of the Family Business -Solution Focused Leadership, Management and Coaching.

Coaching Approach

I am passionate about personal growth and leadership development.  My previous “cross border” work experience makes me understand very well the business environment and challenges and this deepens coaching relationships in a very effective manner.  My coaching style is insightful and powerful but with a caring and lightness.

I’ve been creating the opportunities to learn from well-known world-class master coaches. my mentor is also a MCC, an executive coach.   I believe that the most important tool for coaching is the coach her/himself; great master coaches work to very high-standards with a “coaching heart”.