Typical Clients

My clients are typically high-performing professionals with a potential to reach the next level of business and leadership roles in the organization. I work with senior leaders and heads of departments to help them deal with challenging business situations, get the best out of ‘difficult’ people, enable their teams to become more accountable and independent, get ready for the next role as part of succession plans. I partner with CEOs of SMEs to be inspiring leaders and ensure a hawk’s-eye focus on wildly important long-term and middle-term organization objectives, learn to delegate but retain control thru newer methods of working.  I inspire women leaders to grow their careers, lean-in and break the notional glass ceiling.

Results Achieved

A high performing delivery operations leader learnt to get out of her comfort zone and approach new roles with courage and determination, taking on not only a new role but also changed careers after a stable stint of close to two decades. Another CXO level leader learnt to drive accountability by resisting giving solutions, asking the right questions and enabling her team to work in their circles of influence and control. A competent and very dependable second-in-line became ready to become the CFO of his company. Another senior leader changed the lens with which he was looking at new assignments – from a challenge to an opportunity and built in appreciative enquiry into his working style and his 360° feedback reflected the ‘new’ him!

Professional History

With 30 years of industry experience panning education management, quality management, partner and customer engagement, business operations, P&L centre leadership and Strategic HR, I bring in a unique blend of Business and People leadership capabilities. As the Global Chief People Officer of my company, my last corporate role,  I led NIIT Ltd to Rank #4 as a Great Place to Work [India] and Rank #2 in Fairness on Performance Management in the year 2013. Currently, besides executive coaching, I am an independent consultant and advisor to SMEs, and work very closely with founder-promoters and their leadership teams on core values, vision, strategy and execution, goal-setting, performance management and people practices. I also facilitate leadership development and behavioral skills workshops for middle and senior level managers.


Professional Certified Coach (ICF-PCC),

ICF ACTP (Coach for Life, USA), with a PCC Marker Assessment Standard approval

Certified DiSC Trainer    (WILEY-Strengthscape),

XLRI- Assessor Certification

Coaching Approach

I use a proprietary model called C2Ei that CONNECTS with the ‘being’ of the client, celebrates their core values and natural gifts and talents; ENGAGES by establishing trust and intimacy, listening for feelings and being totally mindful; EMPOWERS by instilling confidence thru acknowledgement and appreciation, build faith in their situation handling skills by asking powerful questions and finally iNSPIRES by sharing snippets from my own personal and professional challenges and role-modelling, as deemed appropriate and only when really necessary.  I fully believe in leveraging the strengths of the people I work with and focus on the positive aspects of everything, since I live by the mantra – ‘what you focus on expands’ and this mantra extends to my overall coaching approach as well.