Coaching Approach

It’s a uniquely positioned result orientated approach that I had developed over a period of time. That is why I use the acronym of my approach as “RESULT”.  The Result approach is based on ICF competencies and is a collaborative structured process to ensure that the desired results are achieved through the coaching engagement.  Briefly, RESULT means as follows: Building RELATIONSHIP and trust with the clients is an essential element of my coaching style.  My ability to listen with EMPATHY and SUSPENDING JUDGEMENT helps my clients to be very comfortable without any apprehensions and that helps coaching as a collaborative partnership designed to fuse a client’s passion, awareness, creativity and possibilities with purpose, action and performance. This approach helps in understanding and going to the core of UNDERLYING BELIEFS and thus bring insights to the clients in LEARNING from their strengths and take actions to TRANSFORM to achieve the desired outcomes.

Typical Clients

My Clients are classified in to two types – from Industry and from Education Institutions/Foundations.  The clients from Industry are typically those who want to grow and scale up, however are struggling to achieve their goal due to lack of leadership alignment, direction, competence and absence of appreciation of processes and systems. The Education space is evolving. In this area, I am helping the members of the foundation and executive team in terms of scaling up, guide on  processes and systems and engaging students in career planning.

Results Achieved

  • Coached CXO’s in the process of helping a large conglomerate to rediscover its vision and mission in-order to bring back focus and set new direction for Businesses to grow.
  • Coached CXO’s and Senior Executives in unlocking their potential to help them succeed
  • Coached individuals on how to redefine themselves and transition into new career paths by helping them understand their strengths and positive qualities, discover their vision, and create the necessary steps to achieve that vision. Happy to see the actual transition taking place.
  • Coached a Business head to help him utilize the resources better in increasing profits.

Professional History

For over 30 years, I have worked in various organizations that include Pharmaceutical, Health Supplements (Nutraceutical), FMCG, Power Utilities, Auto-Component Industries and Large Supply Chain multinational organizations. For more than 8 years, I have worked as Chief People Officer in a Nutraceutical and Supply Solutions multinational organization in various geographies viz., US, EU, LATAM, Singapore and other Asian Locations.  The global exposure and wide industry experience has helped me to be culturally sensitive with deep knowledge about human processes, leadership and group dynamics  and the world class processes and systems.


  • Professional Certified Coach accreditation, International Coaching Federation (2016)
  • Advanced Certification in Effectiveness of Coaching from Centre of Creative Leadership, Singapore.
  • Certified in Leadership Circle for Leadership Development.
  • Practitioner of overcoming the Immunity to Change.
  • Completed Professional Development Program (PDP) Phase I from Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Science.
  • Certified in Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT)
  • Certified on Whole System Transformation (WST) by the inventor of the concept itself – Roland Sullivan
  • Trained on Corporate Theater – Developing Creative Competencies through storytelling and Film Making
  • Post-Graduation in Human Resource Management
  • BSc. in Statistics