Coaching Approach

Using a highly flexible approach, I focus on the key issues and real-life situations that my clients are facing. I provide direct, honest, and constructive feedback plus challenging questions to help clients gain insights to the impact of their behaviors. Partnering with clients to create pragmatic development solutions and provide opportunities to practice within their own resources.

Typical Clients

Most clients ranged from C-Suite, Senior Level Management, Business Owners and Mid-Level Executives who want to open up their creativity, stretch and challenge themselves for self-development coupled with a need to balance their work with personal life. I have particular interest in working with individuals who finds difficulties in unleashing their innovative talents and experiences for future career directions. Additionally, I have worked with several individuals who are at the top of their organization whom either wants to improve their skills or work on the legacy they wish to leave behind.

Results Achieved

The MD of a company was dynamic and aggressive in her approach towards the market and feels that her key staffs were not able to keep up with her speed. This frustrated her and felt she was being pulled back by her team which inadvertently affected her family. Coaching resulted in allowing her to channel her qualities to strike a balance within her team, self-expectations and a balanced family life.

A HiPo National Sales Director was recently promoted to APAC Sales Director. His sponsor wanted him to adapt quickly but he was apprehensive since he rose from the ranks and was uncertain in leading his former peers. Coaching helped him to overcome this sensitivity and provided him with the necessary skill sets to manage the role coupled with sharpening his leadership skills and establish his own culture to the team.

Professional History

Over 30 years of working experience in corporate environment holding senior level management position covering APAC Region. Industry of coverage ranged from Industrial, Laboratories, Integrated Supply Chain, Semi Conductor, 3rd Party Inspection, Electrical and Electronic components, MRO to Human Resource. More than 15 years of continuous engagement in Executive Coaching covering both business and personal. I consult in the areas of Business Process Re-Engineering, Operation Excellence, Succession Planning,  Leadership, Change Management and Business Strategies. Supporter of Agility, Inclusion and Diversity.


Obtained MBA from UK and BBA from USA. Member of the International Coach Federation and a Certified ACC Coach. Certified as a Career Transition Consultant with CPI and had done numerous consultation and presentations coupled with being the guest speaker and judge for the Stanford – Fudan University Forum. Written publications in professional journals in China.