Robert Lezak is a senior level, certified coach located in Poland with Cornerstone Warsaw.

Typical Clients are medium and high level managers. They are specialist, sales managers, IT managers, project managers, directors and entrepreneurs.

These are people who want to improve their efficiency at work or with their team.  Most frequent issues approached in coaching include: self-confidence, efficiency, consistency, communication, team motivation, public speaking, work-life balance, happiness and relationship.

Results achieved

At the beginning of his coaching practice in 2008, Robert was very focused on asking the right questions.  As he learned on the course, he started to make the session techniques that today he has developed into more than 30 different coaching techniques that adapt to the client topic.

He has worked as a coach and mentor, supporting IT managers, sales managers and entrepreneurs in becoming effective, more self-confident leaders.  They are now better dealing with public speaking, preparing for meeting, managing their teams and making everyday life better through relationships with people.

Professional history

Manager with 20 years of experience in the advertising industry.

Coach EMCC from 2008. Master Coach Norma Benett Academy from 2012, Assessor EMCC since 2016 and coaching lecturer at postgraduate studies on high schools from 2014.

Teaches coaching at Norman Benett Academy, High School of Trade in Warsaw and Kozminski University in Warsaw. Since 2008, active as a Coach with the EMCC European Mentoring and Coaching Council to developing potential of managers and leaders in many organizations.

Background history of 15 years in advertising, where he led three agencies as Managing Director. Specialized in the preparation and implementation of multimedia projects, web design, sales, marketing and promotional materials.


Practices yoga and meditation, three years of study at Buddhism Tibetan school Karma Kamtsang. Traveler, filmmaker, dive master with 10 years of experience, a paraglider with 15 years of experience. Approaches his projects as a combination of elements of conscious cognitive activity through experience.  Coaching Participants achieve their goals in the form of a better understanding of the reality around us, thereby achieving greater efficiency and increased happiness.

Coaching Approach

“Our dreams should always be accompanied by the awareness that nothing is impossible. Making the life total return is possible at any time.

“Everything that surrounds us is in continuous motion, still transforming, and the way we react to these changes shapes us.

“Coaching helps us to see the endless possibilities underlying our lives. Through coaching we strengthen customers and support them in reaching happiness based on our findings, resources, skills and experience.


Robert is on the board of the Poland European Mentoring & Coaching Council EMCC and an EIA certified level Practitioner.