Coaching Approach

Using a neuroscience /brain based coaching approach, my focus is on enabling my clients to gain deep insights into the dilemmas they are facing, exploring old habits and to create new wiring /habits in order to change the outcomes they achieve. My clients often speak about how this approach enables them to reinvent themselves, challenge their traditional ways of thinking and achieve breakthrough approaches to solving their dilemmas.  I walk with my clients by accepting their reality and work with them with empathy  to achieve the results they need and want. My belief is that my client is resourceful and whole and has the wisdom and desire to change.  I take a holistic approach to coaching and flex my approach to mirror the various psychological states that my clients  might be from time to time.

My clients appreciate the fact that I bring my whole self to the coaching engagement and they trust me enough to share their innermost thoughts, fears and aspirations that help us to together achieve breakthrough results.  Clients often acknowledge me for my deep and generous listening, broad and deep business experience, my ability to join the dots, integrate complex issues  and to help them simplify their  dilemmas  in order to be more effective quickly. Clients value the EQ focus in our conversations, which enable them to be confident and agile.

Typical Clients

As an independent director or the boards of several companies in diverse industries, I understand the challenges of running a business and enable my clients to navigate those challenges effectively – encouraging them to look at best practices and leap frog their initiatives.

My clients are men and women in senior executive roles who want to improve their own performance and significantly change the culture of their organizations to reflect a more diverse, inclusive and contemporary mindset. I partner with my clients across several career stages –  as they join new organizations, transition to new roles, want to be catalysts for change or to grow and enhance their leadership presence. Many of my clients are also entrepreneurs or lead family run businesses seeking to make their organizations fit for purpose and more effective.

Results Achieved

Example #1: Promoter Director of a Pharma Company.

My client faces a dilemma of managing and achieving results in  significantly changing expectations from the family, Board and Investor groups. He needs to consider multiple dimensions including “modernizing” business practices and  enhance his own leadership presence and ways of working.

In an ongoing engagement over the past year, by focusing on his own leadership style and EQ, the client has achieved some breakthrough results that enabled him to lead his team more effectively . He  has been able to  implement significant improvements in managing the entire business value chain to ensure that the organization has sound practices that enables them to leverage emerging opportunities and enhance capabilities for the future. He has been able to positively transform his relationship with the Board and Investors

Together we discovered that, by working on his own EQ and approach to leading the business he is able to better manage the intricacies of relationships with both other family leaders and all internal and external stakeholders.

Example #2:  Two New Leaders who have joined at a significantly higher level than in their previous organizations, in start-up and  global transformation roles in the same organization.

The dilemma they face is delivering results quickly, whilst integrating remotely into a large organization with a key focus on enhancing leadership presence and stakeholder management. Both are dealing with having to perform in a short time to meet some very challenging expectations at the top of the organization.

This is a work in progress and continuing engagement where I am working with my clients to develop leadership confidence and exploring new ways of working to achieve results.  There is a significant focus on stakeholder management and deep networking to manage expectations and deliver results.  It is a dynamic coaching engagement which is flexible both in style and content to cater to the changing demands of the role and the dynamics of stakeholder expectations. It calls for great deal of agility as a coach and the ability to partner with the client whilst creating psychological safety and wellbeing. It is also a unique situation where I have the opportunity to work with and influence the top leadership team.

Professional History

With more than 3 decades of business and professional experience in India and overseas, I bring diverse, multicultural perspectives that enable me to  support clients to achieve breakthrough results and increase leadership presence & confidence.  I have worked with large multinational corporations in regional and global roles, in diverse industry sectors like  IT, banking, financial services, manufacturing , sports and fitness and oil & gas. I am passionate about and have a track record for leading leadership & organization development , enhancing individual and organization transformation and building diverse and inclusive organizations.

My work experience has had wide geographical scope and I have deep experience in working across cultures in the USA, UK, Turkey, Southern Africa, Middle East and across the Asia Pacific countries.  I have lived and worked in the UK and Singapore and  have had clients in  diverse countries like India, Middle East, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam, Germany, UK, Singapore and Thailand  to name a few.


I hold a Master’s Degree in Human Resources from XLRI and a Bachelors degree in Sociology.

I am a Certified Brain Based Coach from the NeuroLeadership Institute

( previously Results Coaching Systems Australia)  which is an ICF accredited programme.  I am a member of ICF.  I have also completed the behaviour based Coach in a Box certification. In addition to Coaching skills I have also completed  Executive Education programmes in Human Resources in Harvard and through Cornell University. I am a certified facilitator with Skillbase , PDI and Achieve Global.  I am also a SHL certified Assessment Centre Designer and have led several Leadership Talent Development offers globally.  I  am a certified practitioner of EQi.2 and EQi 360 and have extensive knowledge of working with  assessment tools like Thomas Profiling, Belbin, Strengths Finder, FIRO B  and various 360degree tools.