My Executive Coaching portfolio includes serving multinational clients such as Intel, Cowen Group, Juniper, McAfee, Moody, Stratus Technologies, UniCredit Bank and GT Advanced Technology.

Results Achieved

One senior executive in career transition was enjoying his own time so much that he was occupied most days with activities other than job searching, even though he had family financial responsibilities. Through establishing trust in our client/coach relationship, and coaching him through that period of time, before long he was back in the driver’s seat and was successful in getting a new job and continuing with his career.

Patience is a virtue in coaching. One client was not conducive to coaching and was quite negative from the start. After patience and perseverance, the moment arrived when the raw spot was touched and the floodgates opened, releasing all the underlying stresses and strains and personal issues. She was thereafter able to look forward with confidence to her future and her life.

Professional History

I am a seasoned professional in the human capital sector with 20 years of experience spanning Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore and the Asia Pacific. I am an Executive Coach as well as an Executive Search consultant. I was born and brought up in Hong Kong and spent many years in the UK in the health service sector.  My last position there before returning to Hong Kong in 1995 was in recruitment and training in the medical insurance field.


I am an NLP Certified Coach and member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), also Managing Partner of Cornerstone International Group Hong Kong office. I am also a certified coach in Career Partners International’s Career GPS program as well as the Life Options/Retirement program.

Coaching, recruiting, and training in the area of human capital have been an integral and passionate part of my work for most of my career. My U.K. post‐graduate Diploma in Management Studies and Certificate in Adult Education & Training have empowered me to be highly successful in corresponding HR disciplines

Coaching Approach

I build the client/coach relationship on trust, integrity, and mutual respect. As a Professional Coach, I practice under the Code of Ethics and Core competencies of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
Last but not least, I take great pleasure in seeing the client achieve goals on the road to the chosen destination of their life or career.