Business Strategy

From BRIC to Breakout

When the term “BRIC countries” was on everyone’s lips, the four emerging markets represented – Brazil, Russia, India and China – were in full roar.  BRIC strategies were required to accelerate the already rapid development as well as to guide companies in mature economies how to develop a stake in the new gold rush.

That was then. Now, Brazil and Russia are in full -blown recessions and China’s pre-occupation is managing a major slowdown. India may be better off but faces huge problems in re-shaping the world’s biggest democracy into a stable economy and wealthy citizenry.

BRIC may be in pieces but the challenges of emerging markets remain.  Instead of a block representing some 40% of the world’s population, emerging economies are more individual and more numerous.

Ten years ago, Goldman Sachs was already touting the “Next 11”, consisting of Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Korea, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Turkey and Vietnam.

Cornerstone’s business and strategic planning services are aimed at helping Boards and CEOs evaluate and develop strategic planning for a wide range of corporate initiatives.

For companies going deep into these breakout countries, for example, strategic options include significant brand investment, acquisitions or the formation of strategic alliances to sustain strong business growth.

We put you on the inside track

Cornerstone International Group has services to close these gaps and give clients an inside track into these high-growth regions.

Our network, itself expanding rapidly, comprises 60 offices in 35 countries – 16 of them strategically located inside the BRIC and “Next 11” groups. Our experienced Chief Advisors and the hands-on knowledge of our equity members provide unique solutions for our clients’ strategic imperatives.

Among the specific advisory services offered are:

  • Business Strategy review and planning
  • Buy side advisory services
  • Sell side initiated search
  • Sales Partner Search

Each Cornerstone Chief Advisor is an experienced CEO who has had some 20+ years of on-the-job experience in running and growing a business. Their role is to provide independent and objective assessments and evaluation of various proposals on behalf the client.

We help Boards and CEOs develop strategic planning for a wide range of corporate initiatives.