The Cornerstone 360 assessment considers 10 job-related skills essential for managerial success.  It provides feedback based upon input from associates who “surround” the individual – the “boss,” peers, subordinates and others who have experience with the individual in his/her leadership role.

This assessment is conducted by having an individual rate themselves on important skills for the role, having the other participants evaluate the individual on these same skills, and analyzing the responses.

Presented in graphic and verbal outputs, the results enable the individual who is taking the 360 to quickly understand his/her strengths as well as areas that should be strengthened.

The 10 core skills that are evaluated:

  • Focused Action
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Trusted Influencer
  • Communications
  • Change Management
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Problem Solving
  • Leading Teams
  • Results Oriented
  • Leadership

Our online platform enables you to quickly and easily conduct these reviews, gaining crucial in-depth performance information from across the organization.

An added benefit is the flexibility to modify the core skills evaluated if there is a unique situation that requires more focused evaluation.

The most typical applications for our 360 assessment are:

  • Individual Development.  The 360 feedback report summarizes strengths and development needs, and provides insight on how participants are perceived by different groups.
  • Assessing Leadership Potential.  This application requires creating 360 assessments that tap into the competencies that are needed for current roles, but that are also indicative of how the individual might perform at levels above their current position.
  • Executive Coaching.  Executive coaches can identify and explain the “blind spots” (how executives perceive themselves versus how others see them), communicate the consequences of actions and support the individual in these priority areas required for leadership success.

The Cornerstone 360 Assessment takes approximately 30 minute for an individual to complete.