Growth Brings China Healthcare Factions Closer

The rapid development of the healthcare industry in China has accelerated efforts to communicate between the various factions within the sector.  An example earlier this year was a customized training program undertaken by Cornerstone in Taiwan.

The client was a large pharma company and the task was to enable scientific exchange between company personnel and the medical / scientific community.

“The client needed to conduct effective customer engagement” explains Frances Lee, Director at Cornerstone Taipei.  “They wanted to be able to address important medical and scientific issues leading to improve patient outcomes.”

Participants were senior members from three departments of the pharmaceutical company:

  1. The Medical Team
  2. The Clinical Operations Team
  3. The Regulatory Affairs Team

The classroom training was held face-to-face earlier this year, just before the onset of Covid-19.

Post-event interviews with the participants identified five key learnings from the training.

  1. Participants learned how to gain customer insight through asking insightful questions with probing skills.
  2. They understood how to do pre-visit planning and prepare for a successful visit.
  3. They learned to engage in professional relationship building and networking.
  4. They became able to handle complex issues through problem solving and building mutual trust.
  5. They became at ease creating two-way conversations and uncovering pain points.

“The client was very satisfied with the customized approach of the training and the outcome,” says Lee.  “A second training session was planned for July but was tentatively deferred to Q4 this year because of the pandemic.”


Each participant gave concentrated attention to the speaker’s topic. From the post-training evaluation, client had a high degree of satisfaction. Participants gained a lot through role play during this workshop.

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