Executive Team Coaching for Business Leaders

Team coaching to deliver team goals

Our Team Coaching program specializes in working in-house with your top teams in a highly customized, one-on-one and group coaching process to provide skills development and assistance in attaining identified team goals, as well as individual goals to support the team effort.

A typical Team Coaching package is conducted for three months to one year and would include:

  1. Assessment for the Team Profile and each team member’s personality profile
  2. 360 Feedback from all team members
  3. Individual Team Member Information Form
  4. Individual Team Member Development Plan
  5. Team Coaching Development Plan
  6. Smart Goal Monthly Planner

The lead Executive Coach facilitates Team Coaching with all team members to maintain forward movement in attaining team goals.  Each team member may also receive individual coaching to identify team-supporting, personal goals.

Team Coaching sessions are conducted monthly or quarterly either in person, via conference call or by webinar.

Individual team member coaching sessions are conducted bi-weekly by phone or Skype or face-to-face when possible. Full email support is included.