Cornerstone’s Executive Search capability is built on a critical priority – fit, or compatibility.

A candidate may have outstanding experience and qualifications, but if he or she is not compatible with the employing company’s culture, the relationship will fail.  Many leading search companies recognize this – but few take it to its logical conclusion.

The methodology of many firms is to conduct a psychometric assessment of the candidates.  This indicates information about a candidate’s characteristics.  But it is not customized to the organization and the job.

Cornerstone International Group’s talent profile assessment specialists go one step further.  They also create a profile of the specific job and of the hiring company, based on input from the hiring manager.  Then they can understand meaningful compatibilities between candidates and jobs.

Cornerstone’s Assessment Services (CAS) was developed by Human Capital International of Mexico, a global firm which has been serving clients worldwide for 13 years.  The firm’s revolutionary methodology is available through trained, independent professionals of both HCI and Cornerstone located in Latin America, Europe, Asia and in the United State

“The process is grounded in theory and developed from the results of critical research studies,” says Alberto Lares, Managing Director of Cornerstone’s Assessment Division. “Its purpose is to clarify an individual’s compatibility with a job.”


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