Global Big Pharma

Project: A global big pharma company headquartered in Europe had a talented directors’ team but was having difficulty developing talent in their senior manager’s level.

They had needs in their commercial area as well at their manufacturing site. They have one of the largest pharma sites in Latin America.

Result: We worked very closely with high level management, understanding not only their expectations, but the future challenges for the company and the industry. We gained a strong understanding of the company’s culture and defined which specific profile and personality would fit and add value.

We brought in high potential talent from pharma and other industries that were able to bring in creative ideas and best practices. The company asked us to evaluate their talent and compare it to the market.

In some cases, we concluded that their internal talent was better qualified. We placed more than 10 executives in this company and actively participated in developing a talented team that produced fantastic results for the organization.

Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Project: A medical devices company was looking for a Regulatory Head of Latin America — a position which required broad knowledge of LATAM regulations as well as a deep understanding of government processes of the individual countries.

Results: We mapped the entire region, evaluating talent in many countries. We gained understanding of the government barriers and the specific skills that the successful candidate should have.

We identified a high level executive who was knowledgeable and resilient, with great communication skills.

He has been very successful in his new role. He has gained the company’s products access in many countries in the region and been a key player in developing growth for the company in Latin America.