Executive Search in Romania/Bulgaria – 2015 Outlook

Recruitment Influenced By Outside Decision-Making

The market for executive search in Romania/Bulgaria is not great, with  most assignments coming from outside these countries.  The decision to create a position and on who to work with to fill the new role are not made locally, with the exception of local companies.

However, the economy is out of the crisis, the foreign investors have resumed their activities and several industries are developing, like auto suppliers, manufacturing, services (especially multilingual BPOs and Call Centers). The Real Estate market has stagnated for the last two years, although prices slightly increased in Q4 2014.

In 2014 we had Presidential elections and now have a president of German origin, Klaus Johanis. The Prime Minister remained the same and inevitably, several changes in the Government were made. Changes in Labor legislation are currently being discussed but the outcome is not clear yet. We do not know as of now how are these changes going to influence our Economy

Romania continues to be a labor force supplier for several EU countries and there are some managerial search projects that involve relocating the candidates to other countries.

The demand is very high in all IT related industries.  There is an IT HUB in the West of the country and several companies employ large numbers of people in this industry.