Ronald May is Founder and Managing Partner in Executive Search for FMT International, Cornerstone’s member firm in Berlin.  He is also head of the firm’s automotive specialization group.

Ronald works with international companies, having a focus on industry at the highest management and board levels.

His geographic focus is on Europe, the nine members of the Commonwealth of Independent States, China, India, and South Africa.

Professional Experience

Ronald has many years of leadership experience in industrial enterprises at the national and international level.  He has a profound knowledge and experience in personnel management, project management, distribution and the process of lean management.

His experience includes many years as VP Sales (Automotive), Interim Manager (Industry) and partner and founder in various recruitment agencies.

Education and Training

Ronald has a Masters Degree in Business Administration. He has completed various advanced trainings in the area of: Management / Leadership Project Management / Aptitude Testing / Personnel Evaluation and Recruitment.

He is a Master in the application of G8T (Gate), a competence analysis system of measuring professional skills and making them comparable.

Ronald is also the author of several books, including “Die Menschenerkenner” and  “Generation Multimedia”.