With 20 years of experience, Tara is Shenzhen-based and entered the executive search industry in 2008, 

Working with several internationally renowned and China-based search firms as General Manager and Senior Partner. In 2023, she joined CORNERSTONE as Senior Partner. 

As a specialist in the real estate sector, Tara has a proven track record of success, having recruited numerous middle and senior executives for prominent real estate companies. Her instrumental role in delivering talent for digital transformation to many real estate companies and leading teams to provide comprehensive services to enterprises in the real estate technology sector, such as BEIKE, is a testament to her capability. Tara’s expertise is not confined to a single domain. It extends to a wide range of areas including intelligent architecture, urban industrial planning and design, real estate digital intelligence, commercial operations, cultural tourism, and smart home solutions. This breadth of knowledge equips her to handle diverse projects with ease and efficiency.

Some successful cases
Real estate executives: CEO, CFO, CHO, CIO, CTO, etc.
Real estate development involves investment and development, design, engineering, cost, marketing, etc.
General manager of commercial management, general manager of shopping centers, general manager of hotels, investment and operation director.
General manager of amusement parks, general manager of hot spring resorts, general manager of properties.
Vice President of Marketing and General Manager of Finance Department of listed ecological and environmental protection enterprises.
Chief Information Officer of smart home enterprise, General Manager of Infrastructure Division of Internet company.