As the Managing Partner at Cornerstone Prague in the Czech Republic, Ales brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role.

With over 30 years in management and HR consulting, including executive search, talent acquisition, and development, he has helped numerous organizations achieve success and improve their management practices.

Ales has a proven track record of completing successful senior and top executive assignments across various industries, with a focus on Insurance/Banking/Fin-tech, IT/TELCO/Hi-Tech, FMCG/Supply Chain, Construction / Manufacturing / Building Management, Health Care / Life Science and Start-ups.

In addition to his extensive experience in executive search, Ales is also skilled in innovative projects involving networking through mobile applications and automation of business and HR data processing using smart robotic tools.     He is the co-author of the Vissto Cubes evaluation methodology and is well-versed in executive remuneration, both in terms of pay data and consultancy.

Before joining Cornerstone Prague, Ales held the position of HP Education Services Country Manager, where he was responsible for the overall management of the HP Education Center in Prague. He has also worked at Hay Group (now Korn Ferry), where he was an expert in the Hay Guide Chart Profile Method job evaluation methodology.

Ales began his professional career in recruitment at Polytechna Consulting and has also worked at Recruitment International, ICT Prague, and Neumann International (now DHR).

In his free time, Ales enjoys spending quality time with his family, friends, and beloved cats (Ragdolls). He is also an avid collector of historical guns and railway models.

Ales received his education at the High School of Economics and the University of Economics in Prague, where he specialized in foreign trade.