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Larry Faskowitz

Managing Director

Larry Faskowitz is a Senior Consultant at Shoemaker & Associates, Cornerstone International Group’s member office in Atlanta. He has more than 34 years of successful leadership experience in Corporate America.
Larry has held multiple senior level positions for both Fortune 200 and mid-cap companies across the U.S. In these roles he has developed strong knowledge of long-term strategic planning, marketing, business relations and organizational management.
As a senior level hiring manager, Larry led recruitment efforts to effectively support business growth. His use of behavioral interviewing and talent assessment programs to identify high- potential employees resulted in lower turnover, increased employee engagement and drove greater productivity. He is adept at understanding, relating to and supporting the hiring needs of senior executives.
Passionate about coaching and inspiring others to develop their innate potential, Larry is recognized as a strong, empowering, and compassionate leader and coach. He is an enthusiastic team builder with an outstanding interpersonal capability and excellent communication skills.
Larry has insight into how important it is for an organization to attract the right talent. He is fully dedicated and committed to supporting his clients through understanding the organization’s requirements, and helping them recruit candidates whose knowledge, skills and experience, as well as “fit,” will ensure success in the organization’s culture.
Larry holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from Syracuse University.