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Antonio Cellè

Head of the Milan Office


Antonio began his career in the International Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries in mid 60’s  and covered HR Management positions before moving to Executive Search and HR Consulting in early 80’s.

He was founder of Talenta (Research and Selection), and later co-founded Partner & Associati (Human Resource Development).

In 1989 he became Managing Director of Boyden International, the Italian subsidiary of one of the most important and historic Executive Search companies in the World. He has been and is an active member of the Life Science Practice and conducts searches at C-Level also in the Consumer Goods sector.

In the last years Cellè has been associated with Norman Broadbent and Hunting Heads, before joining Cornerstone International Italy where he is the Head of the Milan Office.

Antonio graduated in “Business Administration” at the Swiss University of Lugano. He earned a Master in “Personnel Organisation and Development” at the Bocconi University of Milan and a Master in Business Management at the Social University of Turin. He is an active member of AIDP Association, Association of Executive Search Companies.

His personal interests are linked to studying Italian archaeology particularly in the field of late Roman Empire as well as the dawn of the European Nations.

Areas of Expertise

  • Board Members
  • C-Level
  • Consumer Goods
  • Industrial
  • Life Sciences