Abby Bai is the Brand Manager of Cornerstone International Group and she is Shanghai, China based. With a Master’s in Advertising from the University of Queensland, Australia. She possesses extensive expertise in social media strategy formulation, content creation, data analysis, and event planning. Abby is bilingual, proficient in English and Chinese, and recognized for her strong teamwork and communication skills.

Key Skills and Professional Achievements

Social Media Strategy: Proficient in crafting and implementing comprehensive social media plans that drive engagement and brand awareness. Content Creation: Skilled in producing compelling content tailored to various platforms, enhancing audience interaction. Data Analysis: Experienced in analyzing digital metrics to inform strategic decisions and optimize marketing efforts. Event Planning: Adept at organizing large-scale promotional events, from trade shows to product launches, effectively boosting brand visibility. Cross-Industry Experience: Abby has successfully navigated diverse industries, bringing knowledge to marketing, communications, and social media management. Digital Marketing Success: In previous roles, Abby achieved a remarkable 50% monthly increase in website traffic and conversion rates through strategic Baidu SEM and SEO campaigns. Online Promotion: Leveraged LinkedIn and other platforms to enhance corporate visibility and customer acquisition. Event Execution: Planned and executed significant brand promotion events, such as trade shows and product launches, substantially increasing market awareness and enhancing the company’s brand image.

Notable Projects

WeChat Official Account Development: Successfully built a B2B company’s WeChat Official Account from scratch, growing its follower base to several thousand. Product Launch Event: Independently planned and executed a 300-person new product launch and distributor conference, showcasing exemplary organizational and promotional skills.