Nehad is acutely skilled in working with executives at all levels as well as senior managers and teams. With close to 30 years’ experience in corporate leadership, including 10 years of focused expertise as a coach, mentor coach and trainer, she is a highly experienced individual who is passionate about creating coaching cultures and positioning organizations to achieve Global Coaching awards.

Her various engagements as an organizational development consultant and leadership coach span diverse industries from E-commerce, Logistics, and Government through to Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Reinsurance, Banking, Aviation, F & B and Education.


Before becoming an independent coach, trainer and consultant, Nehad held the mandate of Global Coaching and Leadership Director with Aramex International. Her significant international experience includes 15 years working with leaders from MENA, Asia, Europe, and USA. She is qualified to conduct a broad range of assessment, development and performance psychometric tools. The only Arabic-speaking master coach in the United Arab Emirates, she holds the honour of Past President of the ICF UAE Chapter for 2018 & 2019.


  • Nominating coach for ARAMEX International, winners of the Middle East Prism Award in 2017
  • Coached the Vice President of a health education academy in KSA during cultural and strategic change before and during COVID 19 where the organization needed to support all health department heads to remain resilient and manage their teams to perform efficiently.
  • As part of a Future Leaders program, coached several very senior government directors and managers preparing to assume increased responsibilities on a country level. Strong leadership skills, resilience and creative thinking were key development factors to increase their visibility achieve selection to lead and manage future governmental initiatives.


  • Master Certified Coach, (MCC) International Coaching Federation
  • PCC Markers Certificate, International Coaching Federation Assessor Accreditation
  • Certified Coach for Innovation & Startups
  • Certified Mentor Coach
  • Certified Team Coach
  • Marshal Goldsmith Certified Stakeholders-Centered Coaching
  • An associate with Centre for Creative Leadership, CIPD, Cranfield University
  • BA, English Literature
  • Certified Team, Leadership and Organization Vital Signs Toolkit
  • Emotional Intelligence Coach Assessor & Trainer
  • Influence Style Indictors
  • Workplace Big 5
  • Occupational Testing by the British Psychological Society (BPS) Level A or Level B & Assessor to manage, design and develop an Assessment and Development Centre
  • Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Benchmark for Managers 360
  • Participated in the Judges Panel for the ICF Global Prism Award in 2017 and Young Leaders Award 2018
  • Volunteer: ICF Global Initiatives, Reach Program and Human Capital Network

Nehad Tadros is a true HR professional with extensive experience in HR management in global organizations. She is a versatile, high-energy specialist who always takes responsibility to introduce and champion new initiatives. With her thorough understanding of the business, she always finds creative ways to help her customers and help her organization move forward. Nehad’s passion for Training & Development is evident.”