My clients are mostly top-level executives, high potential leaders, business owners, and offspring/successors of company founders from both major local and multinational corporations. These are individuals who have the potential to be genuine Leaders, that is, people with Vision, Ability to take Decisions, and the Inspiration to get the Best from their group. As their Coach/Mentor, it is incumbent upon me to assist these professionals in developing themselves to their full Potential, while building their Self-confidence and a Genuine Interest in both People and the Business.

Results Achieved

With over 600 hours of coaching experience, there are countless cases to exemplify, but I will limit them to two:

  • A major bank had a top executive who was the man with “Midas touch”, everything he touched turned into gold. On the short side, he was intolerable, someone who had sharp elbows, never mingled and did not get along well with his peers and subordinates. After 6-months of coaching, a new executive emerged, more patient, gentle, caring, and likeable, but still bringing the expected results.
  • A major MNC was undecided whom to choose between 2 candidates to succeed their CEO. I was asked to assess and coach both executives and provide the top brass and the Board with the elements to make a qualified decision, which would impact the future of the corporation. The end result pleased everyone, including the contenders.

Professional History

With over 40 years in International Business, and 30+ years in Executive Search and Advisory roles, I was the former CEO for Brazil and the South American Regional Director for the recognized #1 global search firm. Prior to this, I worked for a top-ranked trading company and established their China office. My business experience covers General Management, Board positions, Marketing & Sales, HR, and Branding. With the Intention and Mission to help others evolve, be happy, and share, I have certified myself as a Coach in Leadership Development to help people fulfill their full potential, both for their own benefit and that of their corporations.


I am a tricultural individual, having been born in China, educated in American schools, and raised in Brazil. I have a B.Sc. in Civil Eng. from the Escola Politecnica de Sao Paulo, considered the best engineering school in Latin America. I received a Confederation of British Scholarship for my post graduate studies in the UK, and attended the Executive Education Program at Harvard Business School.

My other credentials include:

  • ICF Accredited Coach having completed the international ICC Program and am considered one of the most sought-after and respected Coach/Mentors, based on my know-how and know-who.
  • Founder and CEO of Robert Wong Executive Consulting, the Cornerstone International Group representative in Brazil.
  • Renowned public speaker and the first Brazilian to speak at the HSM-ExpoManagement Forum to a public of 5,000.
  • Board Member of the AESC and co-Chair of the CEO Forum of the WTC.
  • Board Member of several NGO´s and schools.
  • Sponsor of the annual Robert Wong Scholarship for the Harvard Summer School Program.
  • Author of two best-selling books: “Success is to be in Equilibrium” in its 16th edition and “Super Hints to Land an Excellent Job”.

Coaching Approach

My coaching approach focuses primarily on developing the full potential of the individual. For this, the key element is guide the Coachee/Mentee to put emphasis on Self-knowledge, which in turn raises his Self-confidence, the single most important characteristic for Success.

Recognized as a “big picture” Consultant, I combine my oriental life philosophy with my occidental business pragmatism in highly interactive coaching/mentoring sessions, and always making sure the goals of my client and those of the organization are aligned.

My distinctive coaching approach is to try to be “better, faster, and closer” to my client, so much so that there are cases where the Client has been “given leave”, but the individual wants to continue the sessions which, in his view, provide him with added value and the opportunity to share his “stories”, given the fact that at the top it is indeed a lonely position..