Coaching Approach

I have developed a “Harmony” coaching model inspired by the GROW model. “Harmony” is a result oriented coaching model where the coach works with the  client and his/her ecosystem of goals, beliefs and environment to achieve sustainable results. My belief is the client always is capable of achieving his/her set of goals and the coach’s role is to help the client reflect and reframe the self-limiting beliefs. I always start with the client as well as the relevant stakeholders by having a dialogue about identifying coaching goals. Once the client confirms the goals, we have our coaching sessions where the agenda is led by the client. For the benefit of stakeholders, we also have a review in between where the client briefs the stakeholders about the journey and takes further inputs. The coaching journey formally ends with a meeting I have with the client along with all relevant stakeholders where the client presents his journey and stakeholders give their observations.

Typical Clients

My clients are senior corporate executives or entrepreneurs who are considered successful in their respective organizations and coaching is used as an investment for helping them manage the rapid changes around them in a positive manner. My clients are individuals as well as leadership teams as I also get involved in team coaching.

Results Achieved

My client worked for the Healthcare arm of the United Nations and he was sponsored for coaching as he was scheduled for a country leadership role in another country. He had doubts about his own suitability as well as success in the new assignment. The coaching was focused on helping him discover his strength and formulate his own strategy to take over the new position. He took over the position successfully and proved to be an asset in his new position.

The Chief Executive of one of the BPO businesses was to be elevated to Director of the Board but there were concerns about his acceptability with people. Coaching helped him to reflect and come out with his own strategy and eventually he joined the Board of the Company.

A leader in charge of a large EPC project was placed in a P&L role for the first time. Coaching involved helping him to be clear about his strategy to successfully transition into his new role.

The CHRO of a Technology company was functionally competent and trusted by everyone but the Board was contemplating hiring someone above him lacking confidence in his ability to navigate on strategic issues. Coaching involved helping the client unclutter his mind and put forward some clear steps to demonstrate his ability to deliver on key issues. The Board finally adopted a resolution to continue with him and not hire someone above him.

I was hired to help leadership team of a leading liquor company to formulate the vision and implement strategic plans to execute. The assignment involved helping them set a vision and specific action plans in line with the vision over a period of two years.

Professional History

I have around 27 years of experience post my Master’s Degree in Management. I have been CHRO of organizations with global presence and part of leading conglomerates such as Larsen & Toubro and RPG Group. I have also handled the P&L responsibility for three years for India, Middle East & Africa to lead the region to a four-fold growth in the span of three years. I have been on the management councils of the companies that I served and have been an advisory board member for leading management institutes. My experience has enabled me to look at the different facets of business across diversified cultures.


  • Master Certified Coach (MCC) credentialed by International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Masters in Management Science from University of Mumbai with Specialization in Human Resource Management
  • Strategic HRM certificate course form Ross Business School, University of Michigan
  • SHL Certified Development Center Assessor
  • Certified EQ Assessor