Welcome, my name is Carsten Ohrmann and I’m a Transformation Advisor and Executive Coach specialized in Advanced Personal & Leadership Development. I’m working with Entrepreneurs, Innovative Leadership Personalities and Aspiring Young Professionals worldwide.

Whilst historically most clients approached me as a Coach|Mentor|Consultant in their international business context (B2B), an increasing number of business leaders choose to work with me as private individuals (B2C) these days.

Results Achieved

I help my clients holistically to create a better life, a better business and a better world.

Especially successful business leaders often strive to improve in all these three dimensions at the same time.

  • In their personal life they value health, happiness and good relationships.
  • In their businesses they look for performance improvements, business ethics and cultural changes.
  • And as responsible leaders who see the big impact major corporations can have they want to contribute to solving many of the social and environmental challenges we currently face around the globe.

Whilst this might sound too good to be true, think about where the starting point of such a profound transformation in different domains would be.

The starting point is you. It’s how you think, how you feel and how you act. That’s what can be changed by taking on a different perspective. Worldview-Agility is an advanced method for personal and leadership development. It will stretch your mind and open your heart. It has the power to shift your worldview and self-conception. It can take you to the next level.

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”  (Søren Kierkegaard)

Professional History

I bring a relatively rare combination of profound personal and professional experiences.

From a professional point of view I’m a mechanical engineer, a senior business executive and a seasoned professional coach. I’m very much interested in natural sciences as well as old wisdom traditions. I also hold a post-graduate degree in sustainable business from the Cambridge University (UK) as well as an accreditation to work as alternative practitioner for psychotherapy in Germany.

I’ve got more than 20 years of professional business experience in various international leadership and advisory functions predominantly in manufacturing, technology and professional service companies, including Logica (approx. 40.000 people worldwide), where I served as a Partner, Global Client Executive and International Utilities Board Member towards the end of my own senior management career.

In 2008 I completed my first professional coaching education in line with the ICF standards and started my own coaching practice in the same year, whilst still being employed as a Senior Executive in parallel until end of 2012.

Today I educate, coach and connect people around Worldview-Agility and the Evolution of Consciousness in my own leadership academy. I’ve also given various key notes and seminars on those topics in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.


This is some feedback received from coaching clients:

  • “Carsten is an excellent coach and I enjoyed spending time with him. He kept me on track and kept me on pace. He’s got a great way of holding the coaching sessions and holding his clients accountable for action.”
  • “He is brilliant at setting up a space of mutual trust, where you feel able to open up without fear of judgement. He can hear things you hadn’t realised you’d said and with insightful questions, helps you gain clarity on your goals, what’s standing in the way, and what’s going to get you there. His corporate background, leavened with his psychological and spiritual research, give breadth and depth to the coaching conversation. Working with Carsten was a truly rewarding experience.”
  • “Carsten is able to build trust and rapport at the very beginning of sessions which helped me feel more relaxed and more free to enter into the coaching conversation very quickly.”
  • “I’m finding the coaching sessions with Carsten hugely useful. His style is different compared with other coaches. He is more direct than other coaches and offers more mentoring input. Carsten is not afraid to tell you: ‘This is how you are!’”
  • “When working with a coach I feel at my most comfortable when I can explore an issue at my pace and in depth whilst feeling that the coach is working in partnership with me. Carsten does that. He listens beautifully and offers his observations and thoughts very honestly and in such a natural way. Our sessions feel like the most natural of conversations. I feel a sense of freedom when working with Carsten and that has been a crucible for some very powerful realisations and transformational learning.”
  • “It’s incredible! In 3 years of psychotherapy I didn’t reach the level of insight I gained within only 5 coaching sessions with Carsten.”

This is some feedback from participants in seminars and key notes:

  • “Last week I had the privilege of meeting Carsten Ohrmann. If you fancy doing some critical thinking and stretching your perception of our reality Carsten will lead the way!”
  • “Carsten has a compelling mix of deep philosophical insight and an ability to communicate those insights in a way that makes immediate sense to the practical business leader. His red / green model captures thousands of years of wisdom on two concise cards that can be carried in a jacket pocket! The model can be applied to many business challenges where a mind-set of fear is the root cause of the issue”
  • “Thank you very much for a most interesting talk. It was illuminating and something that everyone should explore in depth for their own and the world’s good.”
  • “It was lovely to meet you. Thank you for the wonderful energy you gave me.”
  • “Thank you, Carsten, for a great team development day with honest feedback, precise communication and thought-provoking stories.”

Coaching Approach

I think that the combination of Consciousness and Authenticity makes the big difference between an average and a great leader.

In my coaching approach, I therefore aim to serve as a catalyst for the Evolution of Consciousness. It’s a holistic approach, allowing the client to look at their topic from a variety of perspectives. I encourage my clients to discover who they truly are and then to be authentic.

I’m convinced that we all have the necessary inner resources to lead a fulfilled and successful life.

For further information, please feel free to contact me at any point in time.