Coaching Approach

Jesus is a versatile Coach who rapidly adapts a wide set of tools and techniques to fit client needs. His style is pragmatic, solution oriented, non-directive, values based, and goal focused.  Jesus helps identify and leverage unique strengths and capabilities, as well as prioritize goals and create actions to develop the ability to motivate, influence, and lead others. He enables clients to gain self-awareness contributing to a better understanding of their impacts. By sustainably enhancing strategic thinking and communication skills, he enables the executive to deliver improved performance and business growth.

Typical Clients

As an ICF certified coach I work with both individual and intact executive teams across a wide variety of Industries and sectors most of which are executives in multinational companies with regional, national or international mandates. Many of this take place in the US east coast, Latin American countries, Europe and Africa.

I assist these leader through key leadership transitions by enabling them to identify their unique strengths and capabilities as well as their areas of opportunity, prioritize their goals and create actions that specifically develop the executive’s ability to influence, motivate, and lead others focusing on the development of strategic thinking skills to deliver improved performance and business growth.

Results Achieved

VP, Technology & Innovation in financial services focus on improving decision making and enabling an agile digital transformation.

Senior Vice President of Human Capital at leading banking Fortune 50, focusing on her transition from departmental to divisional responsibilities.

Investment Strategy Vice President, in fortune 100 in the insurance sector working on improving accountability and creating a culture of feedback.

Executive Team reporting to CEO at leading multinational in the automotive sector on eliminating dysfunctional behaviors, improving decision making and becoming an agile leadership team

CEO at innovative technology in the Internet Marketing arena, focusing on increasing cross departmental collaboration towards their entry into a new segment.

CIO of worldwide operations at food manufacturer, focusing on improving communication and gaining commitment for new processes and procedures

Latin American President at Fortune 100 pharmaceutical operations, focusing on transition from a centralized structure to a country structure whilst working on influencing style

Professional History

Jesus is a seasoned executive coach, and leadership development facilitator with over 10 years of practice in corporate environments, as a leader Coach and mentor. He comes with over two decades worth of experience as a Fortune 50 senior executive, in areas ranging from operations to sales & marketing, business development, strategy and government affairs. Jesus has a track record helping executives, developing vibrant high-impact teams across cultures, as well as contributing to successfully turning around organizations experiencing operations and/or performance challenges.

Prior to becoming an independent Coach, Jesus worked as President and General Manager for Intel Corporation in Latin America, Intel Capital VP and as senior advisor to Intel Corporation’s top Executive Vice President.


Jesus is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by ICF and the University of Miami. He has an engineering background in Computer Sciences (University of East Anglia) and is currently working on a master’s in organizational psychology at the University of London. He is also a graduated from the Harvard business School Program for Senior Leadership Development as well as Insead Industrial Marketing. Jesus is trained and experienced in various individual and team 360-feedback models, personality test such as Hogan, Workplace Big 5, FIRO-B or Influence Style indicator as well as E.I. models and other coaching tools. He holds certification in Social Psychology (Wesleyan), Leading Change through Appreciative Inquiry (Case Western) and Organization Analysis (Stanford).