Typical Clients

I work with a wide range of clients, many in high-risk environments, who are willing to challenge what they know about their company’s environment, culture and systems to find real solutions to challenges and effect real, lasting change.

My clients not only want a roadmap to improvement in safety, productivity and results, but support with fostering change in the field—bringing together teams, from the newest worker to the most senior executive, to work toward shared goals, and to foster self-awareness, learning and growth.

Results Achieved

I have a proven track record of success in delivering leadership and training throughout all levels of an organization, and leading and managing the implementation of major initiatives within large, complex organizations.

At U.S. Borax, I was tasked with developing and implementing massive changes to company culture, driving toward a work environment where employees were free from incident and injury, enjoying better health and overall wellbeing. The results in safety and productivity were overwhelmingly successful––and have yet to be matched at the company.

I’ve been part of similar efforts with high-pressure, deep water rigs, major mining companies, renewable energy companies, and other organizations across diverse industries, achieving record-setting transformations and helping leaders carry out life-saving changes.

Professional History

I have nearly two decades of experience in leadership development, risk management and change management, employee training and development and coaching. Accredited by the International Coaching Federation as a Professional Certified Coach in solutions-based coaching, I’m also one of only a handful of experts in advanced error reduction methodologies.

Over the years, I’ve earned the trust of my clients not just by helping them understand how environment, culture, systems and people inform one another and how to fine-tune processes to achieve peak performance. I’ve also served as a bridge between leadership and team members, to help ensure those goals are effectively communicated, embraced and achieved.


TTI Success Insights Coaching Practitioner, Advanced Error Reduction, Equilibria & Fisher Improvement Technologies, Deeper Conversations, International Coaching Federation (ICF), Solution Based Coaching Accreditation-PCC, Erickson College (ICF), Organizational Leadership & Management, University of La Verne.

Coaching Approach

 I focus beyond developing solutions to safety and productivity challenges, to actively supporting the change-agent leaders who implement them. A key to achieving real, lasting change and the core of my coaching approach: ensuring that directives, and the messages behind them, translate clearly to the people on the ground. My methods are built on collaboration, trust and aligned expectations for success, which help build a much more effective relationship between leaders and their teams.

By working closely with the workforce, I’m able to help them better understand the “why” and “how” behind every change and get them involved and invested as the drivers of every solution. A genuine “buy-in” from the workforce breaks down barriers, eliminates resistance, and can mean the difference between supporting and fostering positive change, or hindering and derailing it.