Business Leaders Adapt to Changing Workforce

ATLANTA, Ga.  March 6, 2018   Changes in today’s workforce are bringing about a shift in business leadership styles, says a leading executive recruiter.  A trend to functional specialization is resulting in a leadership focus on culture and identity as drivers of performance

“Management’s priorities used to be shaped by shareholders and the Board,” says Heinz Wester, a senior executive search specialist with Cornerstone International Group. “Today, more groups want to be involved in the direction of the company and a sense of mission and values are now of equal importance.”

Wester is a Senior Partner with Cornerstone Stockholm, one of 56 member offices of Cornerstone around the world, and has worked with businesses in Europe, Asia and the Americas.  Writing in the Cornerstone Blog this week, he states:

“In 30 years of global management positions, I have not experienced such change in the conditions for successful management in such a short time.”

The demand for generalists in the labor pool is shrinking in favor of specialists, writes Wester, and recruiting these specialists is becoming increasingly difficult.  When vacancies occur, companies are opting to remain at the reduced headcount and increase the proportion of hired consultants and the self-employed.

Factor in generational issues and the challenge becomes managing increasing diversification.  The successful leader prioritizes corporate culture and identity, motivation and authenticity.  He or she makes sure to be a personal, genuine representative of positive values.

“You have to be seen to be authentic,” says Wester.  “You have to create a positive Employer Brand and then live up to it.”

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Cornerstone International Group has retained search and leadership development specialists in 35 countries, with headquarters in Shanghai and Atlanta, USA.  Cornerstone is ranked by Forbes as one of the Best Management Consulting Firms in Executive Search for 2016 and 2017


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