Shanghai, CH, October 20, 2015 –  Cornerstone International Group has established a new Health and Life Science Practice Group serving its seven member locations in China and Taiwan.

Dominic YIm Executive Search
Dominic Yim, Healthcare and Life Science Team Leader

The team leader is Dominic Yim, a seasoned executive with 20 plus years as corporate executive in the medical device industry, the last five years in executive search roles in Greater China and Asia region.

“We have created this Practice Group initially for China, where the sector is playing a leading role in the transformation of our national economy,” says Simon Wan, Chairman and CEO of Cornerstone International Group.   “We will roll it out at a later stage to serve all of our 70 offices worldwide.”

Cornerstone International Group  is a leading organization in the executive search and leadership consulting business with offices in 34 countries.  It had global practice groups also in the technology, consumer, automotive sector, shipbuilding, rail and aerospace and defence sectors.

“The life science and healthcare industry is under a lot of pressure here in China”, says Yim. “As GDP slows, the emphasis is switching from a manufacturing export model to domestic demand and medical and health is one of our most active sectors.

“We expect to see tougher regulations, increased government involvement and an overhaul of our complex medical insurance system.  Our new specialty group will be able to steer our clients through this upheaval.”

The current state of healthcare in China is referenced in the Managing Asia Series on the Cornerstone International Group website.

Yim is Managing Partner of the Hong Kong and Shanghai offices with broad executive experiences in Japan, India, Australia and Switzerland.  Brought up in Canada, he returned to Hong Kong after 20 years.  He has an Engineering degree from Waterloo University, Canada and an MBA in Human Resources and Marketing from Simon School of Business at the Macquarie University, Australia

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