Better Feedback a Crying Need in Recruiting Firms

Letter to the Editor of HR Executive Magazine: Representing approximately 100 retained search-firm offices, each independently owned and operated, I am pleased to thank and commend Human Resource Executive® and specifically Scott Flander for his cover story entitled “Dangerous Liaisons” (May 16).

Historically, the retained search industry has attracted far too many “wanna be” professionals who are actually far from being professional. A true professional goes the extra mile to do what is right. And the right thing is to treat everyone with courtesy and dignity, even those who do not make the cut for the so-called “long list” or the “short list.”

In this age of technology, there is no excuse for leaving a candidate “at the altar” of the executive search process. But, as your article mentioned, ” … tens of thousands” of search candidates (and their families) are left wondering if they are still candidates well after the search firm has rejected them but failed to notify them. Such disregard for common courtesy and kindness is bad for the reputation of the search industry, bad for the specific search firm, and bad for the client firm that the search firm is representing.

We wish to challenge our competitors to invest the time to build systems, albeit even automated systems, to make sure each and every candidate — even the unsolicited job-seeker — receives punctual and honest feedback.

C. William Guy II
Founder & Chief Executive
Cornerstone International Group
Los Angeles

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